A message from the CEO

Chief Executive Officer

October 17, 2022

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Halen. We're a user-friendly “Super-App” anchored by a franchise business model. A stand-alone platform, built from the ground up and not connected to existing competitors. The application empowers our clients to combine all their rideshare, vacation rental, flight booking, grocery, restaurant, and retail mobile delivery services into one app. Coming summer 2023, we'll offer essential everyday services to over 360 million people across the United States, and will also target foreign markets such as Canada by 2026. It's our mission to drive our communities forward via economic empowerment for everyone.

As an immigrant from Tanzania who proudly made the United States my home, I see this great nation as a land of opportunity, where each of us can support each other for a happier, healthier and sustainable future. My story in business ownership began many years ago in the transportation and hospitality sector as a limousine driver, and later owner of one of the largest livery services in the nation. As with anything in life, my life has had its ups and downs, however, meeting people from all walks of life, seeing this great country up close and personal, and giving someone a helping hand when in need, even if it was only in the form of four wheels, humbled me and taught me how important - and how easy it is - to help each other.

Halen was designed for us to help each other. It incorporates all of my life experiences, values and lessons, and pays success forward to future generations who dare to dream. Halen has chosen the franchise model for community servicing as this model will better serve our diverse communities and backgrounds. Local franchise operators can more easily identify the unique needs of each region and client base, communicate and serve their needs, and foster both personal and business growth.

There's an old saying that goes… “necessity is the mother of invention.” Since this tragic pandemic has upended our world in ways we couldn't imagine, safe ridesharing and retail delivery services have become paramount to our lives, and to our health and community sustainability. These innovations, alongside hospitality and online services, are now necessary for our society to thrive. But, there's room to grow, room to innovate, and room to offer more secure services to customers and businesses. With a purpose of localized service and development via franchise business management, Halen will enter the marketplace in summer 2023 poised to lead the sector.

Our purpose will be to:

  • Benefit clients: Halen will consolidate the most important services for our clients into one user friendly app, while simultaneously minimizing the exposure of personal and financial information to potential theft or compromise.

  • Benefit community: Halen's franchise business model will put a "home office" in every community it serves. They will provide round the clock customer service to clients, drivers, and merchants, as well as orchestrate a variety of community-based services.

  • Benefit drivers: Halen will provide a versatile array of gig opportunities which can be tailored to each individual driver's needs on an ongoing basis. This will also minimize downtime, thus providing a more lucrative income stream.

Chief Executive Officer